defcon and animal farm–the morality play

Before Zimmerman delivered his business plan (and rant about his warning on how compromise of a CA/PKI failed to prevent someone spying on everyone in Iran (and America)) some other defcon older type sold his book on UFOs theory, and the giant conspiracy of NSA, CIA and James Bond.


Defcon has its major bash tonight, the party that it once WAS. Now its just a business, flogging tawrdy security to folks whose livelihoods depend on keeping well IN STEP with corporate culture (which is a kow tow culture of subservience to NSA, etc).

While I won’t deny anyone their rights to their party week, it is sad to see defcon become a goon show.

In animal farm, the giant CIA movie plot apparently, the dogs get nasty. Which is what Im seeing of defcon culture, as it self-protects (its nice little money making venture).


So far there is no Snowden (other than using the theme to sell something). Which tells you what we all know – that the typically means BY WHICH NSA infiltrates the corporate world is , ahem, by using or abusing the very people attending defcon.


What worse, those folks are in abject denial (or perhaps its all a giant covert op, by ex military types beholden to the exceptional nation status) that this is ALL their industry really is FOR.


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