scanning commodity crypto chips–using enhanced MRI

Im not really sure WHY its viewed as SUCH a secret, but, from the stasi-sideeffect I experienced yesterday, the empire is inclined to hit back – over the MRI article.


So much for American freedoms of speech. SO much for the exceptionals (who act more like the typical nazi, once the defense of exceptionalism becomes paramount).


The typical crypto chip is rather amenable, by design, to MRI scanning – at a discrete level of analysis that may not quite seem plausible. But THAT it IS POSSIBLE is the secret (not that folks are scanning the electrons wandering across silicon gates, in order to subvert the vacuous, marketing-grade FIPS 140-1- boundary). We all know the americans have rigged the chips. The ONLY secret is how cheap it is!

The original motivation for my missive was the pain in my back – which rapidly became a pain in the ass.


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