exposing (store) RETS 1. data as odata, with authentication

We added the 32-bit power query addin to our Excel 2013 tool. We also saved to our office 365 sharepoint “bi” subsite (of sharepoint online) our excel workbook, within which we had loaded the results of an RETS 1.0 query issued by the Microsoft Query tool – as feature of traditional Excels “data” centric tools. This uses the “licensing” and websso session held in the office 365 cloud for “netmagic” by the (licensed) excel tool itself. This is actually the user known as admin@netmagic.onmicrosoft.com.


Once sees that a basic odata feed emerges straightaway:


The data (preloaded, and static) is then available from the “table” based odata feed – but only to those on the access control list set by the owner of the document, in sharepoint, and those who have authenticated (to sharepoint/odata) using the Netmagic websso process:




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