commodity crypto entrapment by the likes of Google, Apple et al

I’m being really unfair in only including Google and Apple in the title, above. IT really ought to include… almost any large American firm. And, what’s more, any large French, British or German firm. too. And Russian and Chinese firm… (etc).

But one difference between the Russian and American firms is the manner of the deception. One claims to be honest (while having enormous capability for spying on all of us), the other “everyone knows” its spying (while having self-imposed limits). One markets the appearance of strong “unbreakable” commodity crypto and computer security to those who are “trusted” (today), the other openly admits its crypto and security is by NO means unbreakable – by official trust policy.

In the American model, citizenship means that one is supposed to by into the social need to accept the social lie – that crypto works ALL THE TIME, ONCE PURCHASED – in order that foreigners can be duped into the same belief system. The citizen gives up actual individual security in favor security provider by the state, in order that the state can spy on all foreigners – who “unwittingly” happen to use American crypto – which doesn’t work, once  triggered.

But therein lies the lie. Of course American crypto “works” – its just that the implementation you use doesn’t – once a number of things happen. And how those triggers get applies are the secrets MUCH bigger than crypto secrets. They are that which turn off even the appearance of crypto actually working as ONE EXPECTS!

The typical American doesn’t realize the following things, done in the name of trusted citizenship (and doesn’t want to know, being trusted):

1. Video cameras track every vehicle license plate

2. Traffic signals induction loops count bodies in cars

3. devices based on software are typically trivially enabled to remote software switch (so that the vendors marketing “assurances’ no longer apply, since the software security changes…)

4. GSM can enables certain spy satellites, once launched, to track the act of RECEPTION of GSM signals

5. other electronics can be induced, on one channel, to act as a radio receiver – and thereby behave largely as 4 on another channel

All in all folks should know that the very “electronics” infrastructure is carefully wired for tracking the source of signals – which is of course the art of first breaking the cryptoNET (before breaking the crypto). Folks MUST know that the Google’s and Apple’s actively participate in the systemic deception intended to persuade the typical foreigner that the crypto works (until the crypto net surveillance and tracking built into civilian infrastructure – in the name of national security (not military infrastructure subject to arms treaties) – makes it otherwise.


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