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To use this, we will need to (a) not use default credentials, (b) change the URl, and (c) amend the xml parsing to match the entities being returned by a RESO webapi server.


#Construct the WebClient object

$wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient

$wc.UseDefaultCredentials = $true

#Query OData service with url

$queryUri = http://localhost:42203/NorthwindOData.svc/Categories(1)/Products?$top=5

[xml] $responseXML = $wc.DownloadString($queryUri)

#Parse query result in XML format

$entities = $responseXML.SelectNodes(“//*[local-name() = ‘properties’ ]”)

ForEach($entity in $entities) {

$prodID = $entity.SelectSingleNode(“./*[local-name() = ‘ProductID’]”).InnerText;

$prodName = $entity.SelectSingleNode(“./*[local-name() = ‘ProductName’]”).InnerText;

$prodUnitPrice = $entity.SelectSingleNode(“./*[local-name() = ‘UnitPrice’]”).InnerText;

$prodLine = [string]::Format(“ID:{0}, Name:{1}, UnitPrice:{2}”, $prodID, $prodName,$prodUnitPrice)

Write-Host $prodLine -foregroundcolor Green



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