pedego leds interpretation

If you like me own a pedego (classical cruiser) electric bicycle, you might ask: so how do I interpret the traffic light leds on the bike’s throttle control?

So the answer is: I don’t know. But, I do have an intuitive mental model (based on observation and use analysis). This aligns with an article I read; in which the anonymous author opined that: 1) while three lights show, you have a nominal 100% performance still available; 2) if two lights show, you have 30%; and, if only one light shows you have 10% (and disaster is imminent).

That is, hey it act like traffic lights – it’s a set of signals about pending issues

When I ride my bike, there is a hill at the end of the trail (heading for home). You do NOT want to pushing that a 50lb bike up that hill, if you have a choice. So, you want to be husbanding energy so  that – somehow or other – the bike gets you home.

I learned that that SHOULD I demand less speed from the battery pack, I can keep the bike on all three traffic leds – once the faster speed I WAS travelling at (for the hill in question) produces a 2-led warning.

So, the number of leds showing on a pedego means: slow down – so that the power delivery – available from the pack – can meet the demand you place upon it. You always want to travel in the  3 leds situation, so you do not deplete the power at a rate that induces failure conditions in the equations. If you are travelling on 3 leds and it turns to 2 leds, slow down .. till three leds shows once again.

If two leds show, and 1 led shows when you travel faster than warned, worry. The battery pack is about to die on you, till you do a recharge.

So how long will a battery pack last, while showing 3 leds while being susceptible to showing 2 leds (once power delivery support the higher level of demand). Dunno. But It has not failed on me yet (for the final hill up to my house). When I stressed things at 2 lights, I ended up pushing 50 lbs up a miserable hill.


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