Folks in the know may recall TIA: total information awareness. This was the codeword for metadata collection and scanning (the process by which one becomes aware about information, described by the metadata).


its general practice for the CISO to be officially unaware (of what his NSA-paid staff do). That is, deniability is a built in protocol. I can be unqware, and totally uinware (where the ‘totally’ is a codeword for “I have ‘legal cover’ for saying I’m unaware – or have “no reason” to believe, because its not part of my job description FORMALLY to make such utterances that perpetuate deniability – truthfully or otherwise). What matters is that I do not lie (not that the statement is truthful). This is DARPA at its best (indoctrinating folks in the distinction between telling a a lie and stating some thing [useful to a policy position] that you don’t know to be truthful – or otherwise).

“to the best of his knowledge”, quote the journalist – without even commenting on the PR protocol being invoked.

Our SIMS are secure! says Gemalto (the supplier of NSA/DoD’s 67464C CAC cards). That the purpose of the card (making private calls) doesn’t work has NOTHING To do with the claim of the “security” of the technical countermeasure (note the doublespeak).


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