kindle fire app from azure mobile, via android studio and AAD

We fixed the strange inline error from the app shown below – which is evidently caused by the device having no internet connection.


default user discovery screens, from AAD



user types UPN of identity whose AAD tenant endpoints are  to be discovered – for using in oauth2 handshake



Net result of discovery is redirection to Metrolist SSO Portal (in rapmlsqa)



we see the mobile screen rendering, done quite nicely for the screen size encountered



we see the password screen (though the submit button needs to be more agile, being hard to press with keyboard covering it)



we see password processing (once the keyboard removes itself)



And we see the particular apps indication that login succcessed, creating a connection between this client and a backend web app supporting the mobile app with data services.



This particular app auto provisions a data service for the rapstaff user, to which we add a todo record



… which is shown to have been stored , when all records are enumerated.


Nothing requires an app vendor to maintain the particular User Experience shown the app design described above. That design simply showed that one can make an android application using the new metrolist login for APPs feature. Other user experience concepts are possible , including the elimination of the user discovery process.


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