IOT, home wifis and openid discovery in a world of automatic T&Cs

One of the big things in the opened connect world, compared to its forerunner designs, concerns the automatic connection to metadata sources and, indeed, the discovery of endpoints offering the metadata. We can apply this to real estate.

In the modern phone world, voice-calling apps want to bind to WiFi access points (rather than cell towers). Part of a long term DARPA plan, this WiFi-enabling of internet apps has a long pedigree of thought behind it.

If we think of an IOT idea for a business venture, it could be this.

The home router is probably not going to be the gateway for internet packet flow. But, it could be the IOT representative, and performs discovery support for everyone who is in its locality.

We know that windows phones and tablets are now willing to connect to access points that are guarded by login terms/conditions, automatically providing login credentials and click-through sign out to the legal arrangement.

Lets now assume that such a handshake, imposing legal obligations, occurs at any home router (broadcasting WiFi). Its not that the home router than grants internet access – it merely imposes terms and conditions. Its a wandering, almost universal notary, that is.

So, assume I’m an MLS website and I want you to agree to certain terms and conditions. Perhaps I can require you to have first visited a certain class of WiFi access point (that imposes the conditions, on behalf of the MLS, as a side effect of trying to get connecte3d to voice or data services through that WiFi access point).

So, If I now think like a security architect, I want to obtain lots of opened connect discovery information, from keying authorities OTHER than keys from the usual cloud candidate STSs. I want my MLS STS metadata made available for learning (and without needing those clouds vendors having any say).

Here we have the value proposition. Not only is the MLS delivering its terms and conditions (which of course its being doing for years, by other means), its tying the learning of and then the use of the MLS’s opened discovery information into that now-localized agreement process.


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