Realty and mifi/wifi

Folks should have figured by now that when you reinstall a PC these days, it comes back with the personal settings you once had (before the crash). The cloud stores a copy of the settings (ready for recovery). On a tablet, that includes the apps that you once downloaded (and may need re-downloading).

And, similarly, it stores your apps data – such as contact lists – to rebuild the local device’s store of app data (after the app’s re-installation, or the app’s second installation on a second or nth device).

One of the more fun modern side effect of “local” contact data in contact-powered apps sharing concerns “wifi sharing”. Thinking of the wifi on your PC/tablet/phone now as an “app”, its app data is of course, the SSIDs and logon passwords you use (and want your contacts to have, so they too can connect when in range). The cloud copy of those access credentials, stored encrypted in Microsoft cloud, can now be auto-shared with your named contacts (of certain contact apps, that based their contact manager on office365 APIs)

One of the big points about this is your contacts access to that access point (using your, now borrowed-by-them via the cloud, access credentials) is controlled by a terms and conditions process, that their device AUTO SIGNs for them, and which terms and legal consequences are SPECIFIC to that wifi access point.

The point is this: there may be a world when you as realtor client visit realtor R in the broker’s office, whereupon you might be added as a contact in R’s contact app, and thus automatically be enabled to have one’s phone now bind to the broker’s office wifi – or the realtors mifi box, similarly. This act of binding your phone to the mifi/wifi, which happens automatically as the phone searches out free connectivity, establishes certain legal protocols (that would otherwise be an old fashioned process of signing bits of papers, copying disclosures etc). the terms and condition scan be whatever the wifi access point operator wants, being generic (like starbucks) or business specific.

The concept of automatically-connecting to wifi , whether to save cell tower packet costs or otherwise, is actually quite an area of innovation – being a “very local” event, guarded by contact processes.

As we know, nothing will change the root business of realty, or MLS. But, its always useful to see how technology changes the business services one might offer, to the every churning realtors group and their short term relationships with an ever revolving group of realtor clients.


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