nsa traditional cryptanalyst job and tools on a sun workstation

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a cryptanalyst traditionally did a different job to the tasks the generalist at NSA does today, in the internet era.

Remember when the cryptanalyst had a sun workstation (for graphical rendering) along with a custom PCI card that could compute certain functions on data sets?

At RSA, someone mentioned that they would be publishing a book soon on the missing (still relatively secret) material on tools and techniques from the tunny story. This concerned certain core techniques, still in use, for sampling such as ciphertext and producing an approximation of the the key vector – much as was done in tunny days to create an approximation of the chi and phi vectors, ready for rectangling.

The article shown has a good theory basis of the kinds of tools traditional cryptographers used, when teasing out the right way of sampling into different parameterized state spaces so that the phase space trajectory had the right distances.


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