Yet another NSA/DES dream

Every few months I have what I call my NSA/des dream. Either I work for, half work for , or in some not quite complete manner associate with NSA… to do (guess what) crypto.  Or I’m enacting a life process that is symbolic of the inner story behind des. Always des!!

 Last night it was both : a partial NSA affiliate hiking, where the steps of the intricate inca path represented the inner story on how and why the des key schedule provides strength.

Go figure. It was more tangible than the previous one where I was looking at a meta magical wAterfall (on the mythical NSA campus) that expressed des (while trying not to get the hall cleaner into trouble…)

Tis true that (10 years later) today I found out just why Msft added mscep to their cert server (circa 2006).  Hopefully I’m not dreaming pkcs7 or xml, tonight!


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