Des spectral gap theory

So the 7point geometry is special since it embodies cut sets (those nodes on the circle vs the “outer” triangle

U also look at the area of each as probability (of the event space). Noting obviously circle is less than triangle.

This is highly pertinent to quantum walks.

Now in terms of resistance to differential cryptanalysis one has to think of tunny attack: which wanted to chose just that cutest (between circle and triangle) that allowed a decision on two hypothesis tied to the improbability of each.

To resist D.C., the weight difference between the two h must be within the spectral gap.

Do I get the two sides of the des design argument. We are requiring the quantum random walk but also needing it amplifications to evolve the density to within the spectral gap do that h cannot be weighted in an attack.

Ok so I was right on my intuition, the other day. Now we have histologucal and pure math support.


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