We must defend and protect federal networks and data,” Trump said during a meeting on cybersecurity. “We operate these networks on behalf of the American people and they are very important and very sacred.” The executive order had been scheduled for signing after the meeting. It was unclear when it would be signed.

Link needed.

Because NSA objected and , just as with the dhs attempt to usurp NSA role earlier, was able to state why things must remain with NSA. ;and that’s not even discounting the alternatives lack of deployed capability).

The emotional reason doesn’t take a lot of understanding (and even trump – t for torture and p for pussy, recall – understands that without control over the metadata, you cannot spy. And that means spying as much on congress as vlad the impaler.

At this point NSA will be pitching trump on how they validate and protect him (oh king, imperatur) as the preatorians. At his level of paranoia it will be doubly effective.


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