Fischer info 

I’m not the likeliest fool doing crypto. But when you goto a uni whose cs dept (of which you are a member) is part of a distinguished stats dept, and half the fathers of your co-stufents work at gchq (or the Singapore equivalent), then its no small wonder you get “invested” in cryptanalysis.

“Thus, the Fisher information may be seen as the curvature of the support curve (the graph of the log-likelihood). 

Near the maximum likelihood estimate, low Fisher information therefore indicates that the maximum appears “blunt”, that is, the maximum is shallow and there are many nearby values with a similar log-likelihood. Conversely, high Fisher information indicates that the maximum is sharp.”

So what dat all mean , I say?

That support is just log likelihood is the first take away
That max has a couple of variant cases is the next. Read carefully.

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