weird dream about concentration camp gassing (and George Washington)

ill write this down before I forget it: this morning’s dream.

In the dream I am explaining that there is little difference in spirit between George Washington’s plantation (a place you are worked to death, raped for breeding and generally oppressed by terroristic white overseers and their nazi bosses making money from race slavery) and Belsen. The essence is the same: mass murder (by forced labor). There is no out given to Washington (oh he was nice and freed his house slaves after his death).

A group of students then go on a field trip, in a giant  trailer that flys through the sky (in England). They fly over and in where the next group of reprobates are to be gassed, since society has returned to gassing folks. They are quite nonchalant about the whole experience, as they expect folks to be gassed (since its normal .. and they are not in the gassing class).

You know its a dream because as the trailer full of older students flys – like a 747 – two of the students are outside, like a couple of elves on santas sleigh. But in the dream its normal to be outside at 30k feet!

Well its normal until, as the “plane” is flying  over its route and banking at the Isle of White (where some military area is seen, according to the announcer), the sleigh riders start to zombify. They are being gassed (and it happens just before the rest of the class are gassed in the flying rv). Yes its an accident. The flying protocol was mistakenly set as a gassing class ride.

Im flying on the next ride, and as we get on we see body parts being handled as the ride is being prepared – evidence of the last gassing run. On the trip, I and others remark and how unfortunate it is that the wrong group get gassed – specially as they were all well heeled, private school students from wealthy families. But… here we are on the same trip – in a nazi society that has accepted such things as normal.

ok. so I know why these themes come up in the dream – given certain recent reality events that are still present in recently-augmented memory. But its still fascinating to see how the brain concocts a mis-reality  given the limited ability of memory and cognition to cooperate as the chemistry of the brain areas each return from sleep state.

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