Squash and piano wrists


The first 60s of the video are about playing 5 notes.

For right hand (backswing and then forward) 12345.

For right hand (forward then backswing) 54321. For left hand (forward and then backswing) 54321. For left (backswing and forward) 12345.

Think like this (for right hand, playing 12345 backswing)

first swing a squash backhand, powering the ball down the left hand side of the court. You strike the ball with your piano arm racquet as you create tone with your fifth. Your fingers are the string of the racket. As with squash, You first anticipate a little racquet/arm height (Upper arm pulls thumb back making tone and jets wrist up a little, automatically), you then let gravity take (your forearm weight) but you catch it (as you single rotate and land the second finger). Next you take the remaining caught momentum and power through the upper arm swing making (double rotation) tones with 3 and 4. At this you are swinging the racquet/arm upwards as you are about to hit the ball. That you do as you double rotate 5.

But we are not finished. We have to (backhand) topspin as we tone 5. This is that tiny muscle jerk as we now bounce off the key bed (only on 5) and induces a reflex that has the upper arm pull the whole arm/racquet into the air. This is also a squash jump back to balanced karate kid pose, ready for what comes next. That’s the much misunderstood AW torso action, for piano. It’s a mix of the tiniest possible key bedding reflex and tiny push up from on right seating bone.

You can figure the forehand next, for 12345 right arm.

Now repeat for the other three cases, each a sequence of backspinning backhand or top-spinning forehand (or vice versa order). For extra credit learn the right backhand chop (for piano) too. It’s puts your final pose orienting down keyboard instead of up.

I think Taubman would have loved this thinking. Pretty sure Edna will hate it. You can add belly breathing to it too, if you want. That’s more AW torso. Rhythmically expanding your legacy gills!

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