Discarding ednas nomenclature for in and out; in favor of sigma

I no longer think in and out! as taught in the Taubman Approach.

I think about drawing a tiny lower greek sigma, using my drawing bone. Thats the other downward facing bone you hit when not hurting your elbow bone. Sit at a bench and hold out your hand. Now draw circles with your drawing bone, best done on the bench itself. Your wrist move the same (but in larger circles) . Its just greek geometry…

Draw a lower case sigma next (really tiny, at your elbow/drawing bone) ! This accomplishes the required in and out motion when amplified to the (right) wrist. If you draw the right facing sigma end flourish, you will draw in and out with underflow.

Just ensure, as when performing Chinese calligraphy, to reflect the circular part in the wrist but the flourish across the well aligned knuckles.

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