Another blend for op 10 ni 2

In the last blend story We considered flat fingers. In this blend story, we consider in and out.

The blind is basically two sequences of fingerings: 12345, 678. The 12345 sequence is an in and out sequence, Starting on the first chord and landing on the middle chord. Its rhythm is; Ya ta Ta ta Tat. The 678 sequence has the rhythm pattern: de de de.

In The language in and out spirals The sequence 12345 are the circle and the sequence 678 is the small-loop.

Going up the Op. 10 number two scales we have three in and out sequences, remembering that each one in and out of sequence has two patterns: 12345, 678. The 678 of the very last sequence is distended.

When going down the Op. 10 number 2 scale we also have several in and out sequences. However these are descending with the circle heafing right to left descending

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