Piano Technique Reviews: Richard Prokop and Piano Power

Piano Technique Reviews: Richard Prokop and Piano Power
— Read on www.pianotechnique.net/reviews/richard-prokop-and-piano-power-technique.php

This is not as nutty as it sounds. After all i advocate Using the elbows drawing bone (as an orthographic amplifier of micromovements). If you can use two levers even more back (your torso) good for you. Mini , to micro, to pico, …

For me the torso is restricted to using the intercostals (aka alexander technique) for synchronous belly breathing (synced with a coordinated set of rotations, both left(s) and right(s), or interleaved. This happens to squeeze in the upper arms, which is just another means to influence the elbows.

Just do Chinese calligraphy; or greek clay writing. Advanced virtuoso piano is just those movements, made micro. They are what every 12 year old prodigy uses, having honed his/her reflex bouncing tendons.

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Greek clay writing

Ancient Greeks didn’t write with their finger but their elbows.

The result was the movement of a stylus through the wet clay. Just like taubmans moving piano hand through butter.

It was better than Egyptian clay calligraphy!

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Discarding ednas nomenclature for in and out; in favor of sigma

I no longer think in and out! as taught in the Taubman Approach.

I think about drawing a tiny lower greek sigma, using my drawing bone. Thats the other downward facing bone you hit when not hurting your elbow bone. Sit at a bench and hold out your hand. Now draw circles with your drawing bone, best done on the bench itself. Your wrist move the same (but in larger circles) . Its just greek geometry…

Draw a lower case sigma next (really tiny, at your elbow/drawing bone) ! This accomplishes the required in and out motion when amplified to the (right) wrist. If you draw the right facing sigma end flourish, you will draw in and out with underflow.

Just ensure, as when performing Chinese calligraphy, to reflect the circular part in the wrist but the flourish across the well aligned knuckles.

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Wrong means to produce cycloidal waves

Remember : the correct way is to chop (or more likely roll) through the knuckles. Align the thumb joint out and higher, just before you start.

The last point makes more sense when thinking of doing backhand undercut chop or roll, in squash. You learn fast to get your thumb joint out of the way (since otherwise racquet handle following through with the under-roll hits it, with dislocation a possibility) . Forces in squash are bigger than their micro versions used in virtuoso piano play.

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Chopin’s hand waving

Taubman was reportedly famous for fearing that wrong teaching of her take on virtuoso piano technique would damage the otherwise injury free intermediate student.

Taught wrong, or learned wrong, the elation of grasping just what is meant by Chopin’s flowing wave contrasts with the forearm pain that builds up rapidly.

If you induce the standing wave – think science – from the wrist you perform exactly the movements that induce injury.

If you induce the wave across the knuckles of the hand, it all works. You have both grasped and perfected the chopin hand (not wrist) wave. A throwaway line in an excellent phd dissertation alerted me yo the right/wrong wave mechanics.

Im enjoying university styled pedagological piano learning – books plus thinking and reasoning from controlled experimentation – vs follow some piano performer blindly.


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Defining Common Exam Instruction Words

Defining Common Exam Instruction Words
— Read on www.dummies.com/test-prep/defining-common-exam-instruction-words/

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Scruffy wuffy. Srcu-fe wu-fee. Chopin etude op 10 no 2.

Scruffy wuffy was-a bear

Scruffy wuffy had-no hair

Now say it a four beat. Accent on the first, as usual.

One SCRU-fy.

Two WUF-fy.

Three WAS-a.

Four BEAR.


1. 2. 3. 4.

Now syncopate it. The first accent lands on the FY of scuf-FY

Scru-FY wuf-FY he-WAS a-BEAR

Scruf-FY wuf-FY he-HAD no-HAIR

IE scruf FY-wu FFY-he WAS-a BEAR

NOW you can play Chopin op 10 number 2 etude!

The trick is to play interlaving that SYNC rhythm pattern with palm thurst on the first chord (scru) and a elbow dig on the second chord (FY). Similarly thrust on he and dig on BEAR

1 234-5 678-1 234-5 6xx


palm thrust on 1 and elbow dig on 5.

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Squash and piano wrists


The first 60s of the video are about playing 5 notes.

For right hand (backswing and then forward) 12345.

For right hand (forward then backswing) 54321. For left hand (forward and then backswing) 54321. For left (backswing and forward) 12345.

Think like this (for right hand, playing 12345 backswing)

first swing a squash backhand, powering the ball down the left hand side of the court. You strike the ball with your piano arm racquet as you create tone with your fifth. Your fingers are the string of the racket. As with squash, You first anticipate a little racquet/arm height (Upper arm pulls thumb back making tone and jets wrist up a little, automatically), you then let gravity take (your forearm weight) but you catch it (as you single rotate and land the second finger). Next you take the remaining caught momentum and power through the upper arm swing making (double rotation) tones with 3 and 4. At this you are swinging the racquet/arm upwards as you are about to hit the ball. That you do as you double rotate 5.

But we are not finished. We have to (backhand) topspin as we tone 5. This is that tiny muscle jerk as we now bounce off the key bed (only on 5) and induces a reflex that has the upper arm pull the whole arm/racquet into the air. This is also a squash jump back to balanced karate kid pose, ready for what comes next. That’s the much misunderstood AW torso action, for piano. It’s a mix of the tiniest possible key bedding reflex and tiny push up from on right seating bone.

You can figure the forehand next, for 12345 right arm.

Now repeat for the other three cases, each a sequence of backspinning backhand or top-spinning forehand (or vice versa order). For extra credit learn the right backhand chop (for piano) too. It’s puts your final pose orienting down keyboard instead of up.

I think Taubman would have loved this thinking. Pretty sure Edna will hate it. You can add belly breathing to it too, if you want. That’s more AW torso. Rhythmically expanding your legacy gills!

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Circular joints

The elbow joint is 3d circular, much like a character in s 3d game

Move you wrist around each axis!

The sparkler. Make in o in dark when holding a sparkler firework. This is rotation around the the z axis

Turn the Ferris wheel. (Using the knob on the reel). This is rotation around x.

Run around the flag, at the olympics. This is rotation around y

Now you have grasped what she meant!

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Learning piano in the web era

Could not do this 30y ago

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how to think like a 1950s UK cryptographer

2018-02-08 14_47_16-Microsoft Edge

Folks doing cryptography in the 1950s didn’t need to be mathmaticians. They simply needed to understand a particular set of algorithms (that happen to be derived from math theorems).

The https://www.safaribooksonline.com/oriole/probabilistic-programming-from-scratch-1-a-b-testing-with-approximate-bayesian-computation teaches you what a cryptanalyst learned in cryptographics 101, circa 1950. Little had changed since 1943.

If I said this a few years ago, Id be shot. Now its all laid out…

The teacher is good. He’s a total natural. When he says that the hardness of the problem is basically how wide is the distribution of guess, for the count fairs jar of coins, he is exactly right. now one gleans just why, back in 1944 colossus, one is driving the uncertainty out to the very extremes of the deviations … so that one has maximally learned from the simulated data, from guesses, how to minimize the variance from all the trials. That’s a fancy way of saying … the data now supports the conclusion!

In 1943, with ships sinking (at obvious cost) and time being of the essence, one needed means to decide which path to take (when attacking cryptograms). one sees how such entirely qualitative factors could be added to an otherwise quantitative search, to help direct the machine search.

The following address tunny (rather than enigma); but the general principle is the same!

2018-02-09 07_44_40-Microsoft Edge

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All computers are flawed — and the fix will take years – CNN Money


The nsa doublespeak

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Love it. Pure double speak

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Differential evolution overview


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Yanqui lying on crypto

No “customer data” has been compromized (by leaky computing pipelines)

Thats because “targets” of spying are no longer @customers@

Its lying by definition

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Tunny, now known as dde!

Now one sees tunny rectangling as de

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Conditional branching in turings mind

Post war turing on cpu instruction set design knew how to leverage convolutionsl computation graphs – documented in the tunny report – to leverage conditional branching for cryptanalysis.

Even i was taught, in first year cd computer science computer architecture courses how the microcode behind each type of conditional branch instruction leverage amore basic computing model : handling the instruction pipeline itself.

What folks need to know is that the fixes indicate the wider problem: microcode download (for good or evil, or good again tomorrow when gchq releases its (well known) targeted spying patch

So what surprised me? That the precisely editions didn’t first require another zero day exploit, compromising the formal kernel security boundary

Gchq going for the user mode exploit is just brazen

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Protected: slot game programming notes–a demo

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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video/audio file inspection tool: gspot


see http://www.headbands.com/gspot/

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weird dream about concentration camp gassing (and George Washington)

ill write this down before I forget it: this morning’s dream.

In the dream I am explaining that there is little difference in spirit between George Washington’s plantation (a place you are worked to death, raped for breeding and generally oppressed by terroristic white overseers and their nazi bosses making money from race slavery) and Belsen. The essence is the same: mass murder (by forced labor). There is no out given to Washington (oh he was nice and freed his house slaves after his death).

A group of students then go on a field trip, in a giant  trailer that flys through the sky (in England). They fly over and in where the next group of reprobates are to be gassed, since society has returned to gassing folks. They are quite nonchalant about the whole experience, as they expect folks to be gassed (since its normal .. and they are not in the gassing class).

You know its a dream because as the trailer full of older students flys – like a 747 – two of the students are outside, like a couple of elves on santas sleigh. But in the dream its normal to be outside at 30k feet!

Well its normal until, as the “plane” is flying  over its route and banking at the Isle of White (where some military area is seen, according to the announcer), the sleigh riders start to zombify. They are being gassed (and it happens just before the rest of the class are gassed in the flying rv). Yes its an accident. The flying protocol was mistakenly set as a gassing class ride.

Im flying on the next ride, and as we get on we see body parts being handled as the ride is being prepared – evidence of the last gassing run. On the trip, I and others remark and how unfortunate it is that the wrong group get gassed – specially as they were all well heeled, private school students from wealthy families. But… here we are on the same trip – in a nazi society that has accepted such things as normal.

ok. so I know why these themes come up in the dream – given certain recent reality events that are still present in recently-augmented memory. But its still fascinating to see how the brain concocts a mis-reality  given the limited ability of memory and cognition to cooperate as the chemistry of the brain areas each return from sleep state.

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Crypto in short…

when we put random dots on a unit sphere and measure the distance from the origin (0,0,0), we find that the distance is always 1. But if we were to project that onto a 2D space, the distance would be less than or equal to 1. This same truth holds when we expand the dimensions. For instance, if we expanded our set from 3 dimensions to 4, it would be greater than or equal to 1. This inability to center in on a consistent distance is what breaks distance-based models, because all of the data points become chaotic and move away from one another.

Not me!

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trial open live writer


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How to Make a VR Game With Unity and Google Cardboard


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fixing vr app

youll be lucky, speaking in sept 2017, to https://hackernoon.com/how-to-make-a-vr-app-with-zero-experience-927438e2dede

I fixed the FIRST BIT OF bit rot by replacing no-longer available cardboard sdk imports with an import of the relevant assets from the (older) cardboard unity project… also mentioned in the article. I say “import” – but in reality I used windows explorer to drag/drop the cardboard folder from its source to the assets directory of the unity project.


with that you can at least wander around the scene in the PC unity’s play mode.

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Classifying a web page about fridge

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odt linking trial


which is terrible

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How to Make a VR Game With Unity and Google Cardboard

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Ubuntu Forums

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Routine non-criminal immigration enforcement operations will not be conducted at evacuation sites, or assistance centers such as shelters or food banks,” it said.

Which means everything else ice does is handled at those relief sites…

And that is every deportee (who returned).

so the rumor is true. Ice will use this as a funnel (for the felon-to-be class). And that’s a lot of folk.

At a policy level I cannot disagree. At a practice level, ice have to do better in leveling. The storm shelter program and red cross Assistance is just another tool (to keep roundup costs low and ice staff safety high).

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