So Washington ran away in the face of the enemy??

Profiteer of concentration camp

Mass murder by forced Labour


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Game of Thrones staring assange

The week began with a purge in Washington. It ends with the start of the last season of “Game of Thrones,” a television series whose violent power plays have gripped viewers’ attention for eight years, writes Richard Galant, summing up the week in opinion. But in between, there was plenty of epic drama, from the release of the first picture of a black hole to the caught-on-video arrest of white-bearded Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

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So i don’t like Assange or wikileaks. And yes its the narcissism angle i like not (not that’s its relevant legally, except to sone duffy uk magistrate rate who obviously is a part of the assange stitchup)

There is no point assange going for the emotional last call (the book on deep state). Everyone can see the aussi, uk, usa five eyes stitchup at play. This is pay back!

Shane on the aussi nation, but entirely par for the (trump) course.

But you know if you poke the bear (like me) *and* threaten its (john) young (cryptome pun, but unlike me) its gonna maul ya.

Fun to watch the Japanese stitchup if their unwanted corporate ceo who obviously threatens some vital keiretsu interests

Five eyes, usual deep state stuff: the passing if the queens holy oil onto American exceptionalism, yada yada.

Japan; intrigues that involve humiliations. Chinese ev prowess obviously the main issue.

Saud family: murder in the embassy (and at home) while five eyes watches (and waits for the payoff check to destroy the tapes)

Ecuador: hmm. The Andean angle is provably about mining, for both Japan trading houses and the us control of strategic minerals (hint ev); and of course whoever the presidents family is. Provably vz related.

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Taubman rotation in math

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Question – Quora

Question – Quora
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A sheep analogy for starlings doing a cryptanalysis-style inner product , perhaps using the horizon as the reference point for computing relative group distance, in a flock.

We do something similar when driving, tracking several cars moving on such as highway onramps… and adjusting angles and velocity to fit into the safest “lane” slot of cars moving in a uniq geometry of that junction layout.

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Annoying gchq with metric tensors

The generalization of Turing dot product (in tunny and in post war computer designs) is the metric tensor.

When you change the base of the weight log, you are changing the coordinate system of the tangent space – adapting your differencing machine (tunny logic with colossus counting) to the known ciphertext under observation.

You are defining a new differentiation operator…

At a vicious simplification, measure change of distance on time (aka velocity) in m/s instead of ft/s!!

It then gets fun in modern silicon when you use p-adic representations for computation – as you add up stream-metrics, using logic such as that defined for the tunny break.

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H in turing permutation paper on enigma style reel ciphers

H as in that which binds a topology to the real line

Or in cryptanalysis, the inferential topology of max likelihood, for reals that are logs of frequency (or dependent frequencies) .

Ok i get his h signal, now

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Brexit and GoT?

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The uk redefined

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the stupid tory bit.

Feel free to put stupid first.

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Robin Roussel, Marie-Paule Cani, Jean-Claude Léon, Niloy J. Mitra,

Exploratory design of mechanical devices with motion constraints,

Computers & Graphics,
Volume 74,
Pages 244-256,
ISSN 0097-8493,

Abstract: Mechanical devices are ubiquitous in our daily lives, and the motion they are able to transmit is often a critical part of their function. While digital fabrication devices facilitate their realization, motion-driven mechanism design remains a challenging task. We take drawing machines as a case study in exploratory design. Devices such as the Spirograph can generate intricate patterns from an assembly of simple mechanical elements. Trying to control and customize these patterns, however, is particularly hard, especially when the number of parts increases. We propose a novel constrained exploration method that enables a user to easily explore feasible drawings by directly indicating pattern preferences at different levels of control. The user starts by selecting a target pattern with the help of construction lines and rough sketching, and then fine-tunes it by prescribing geometric features of interest directly on the drawing. The designed pattern can then be directly realized with an easy-to-fabricate drawing machine. The key technical challenge is to facilitate the exploration of the high dimensional configuration space of such fabricable machines. To this end, we propose a novel method that dynamically reparameterizes the local configuration space and allows the user to move continuously between pattern variations, while preserving user-specified feature constraints. We tested our framework on several examples, conducted a user study, and fabricated a sample of the designed examples.
Keywords: Computational design; Design space; Constrained exploration; Drawing machines; Mechanical motion; Fabrication
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Starlings fly in groups of 7, when flying in flocks. ie the starling brain is processing its own distance to its nearest 6 neighbors, constantly adjusting its pitch\yaw\… position so the design instance of which that bird thinks of itself as the center pole is minimized as to the ‘tension” of unbalanced distances. Think of the bird as looking ahead, seeing 3 others on the circle of the design, and the last three on the points of the fano triangle. Or, thinking more like a bird flying, 3 up and ahead/side; three lower and ahead/side. It’s fano viewport that guides its actions in 3D space is just one of millions- geometrically modeling the flock as a whole. As the bird yaws, say, it’s 6-set of neighbors may evolve, meaning design instances constantly connect up at different points on the plane.

It occurs to thats its more likely, since animal/bird brains and eyes are so good at line/edge detection that the bird is looking out for a a straight line of three others (of which its the fourth member, present on the “opposite” line.

Depending on the 3d attitude of the bird in flight, it will focus in one of the potential lines and adjust (pitch/yaw…) to centralize itself wrt to that . It scan again, picks that or another line, and dies done more pitching/yawing… to centralize with respect to this new line. Etc

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Starlings and fano; geometric computing

The blog post

“geometric” uprights in “turing ciphers”

Is not an easy read!

All its saying is that Turing’s first, kid-like mental model of the design of a type of turing machine was the fano plane. You can look at the latter as either the various sides of the several faces; or as the faces themselves, dualistically. Then you can look at millions of connected (multi-faced) planes (in some orientation)  as designed components of a bigger geometry that “computes” difference. In fact it’s nature is to detect and to adjust so it eliminates differences.

Starlings fly in groups of 7, when flying in flocks. ie the starling brain is processing its own distance to its nearest 6 neighbors, constantly adjusting its pitch\yaw\… position so the design instance of which that bird thinks of itself as the center pole is minimized as to the ‘tension” of unbalanced distances. Think of the bird as looking ahead, seeing 3 others on the circle of the design, and the last three on the points of the fano triangle. Or, thinking more like a bird flying, 3 up and ahead/side; three lower and ahead/side. It’s fano viewport that guides its actions in 3D space is just one of millions- geometrically modeling the flock as a whole. As the bird yaws, say, it’s 6-set of neighbors may evolve, meaning design instances constantly connect up at different points on the plane.

The fano plane has a nice representation in binary and in permutation group theory too. 8 things requires 4 bit to represent its quantity and 7 requires 3. Any 1 plane face requires 3 bits to represent its 3 lines, each being a 2bit quantity. The connectivity of faces is constrained by the rules of the plane and whether a given face also is part of a second design instance (Or is changing to belong to that neighbor group,as planes overlap due to starlings wandering into each other’s viewport).

Sets of faces thus can move from the world of frequency-bigrams (the face’s lines) to the space of their letter trigrams, but cannot quite reach quad grams, since the plane then projects itself down to being a unigram (of four terms). Eg. 7 fano planes, for 7*7 starlings (minus a few) moving as a local sub-flock. 21 subflocks might model a bigger flock…

So we see how a starling flock, being a chaotic code, is computing differentially using nearest neighborhood.

Turing discloses all this in his on permutations paper, masked as abstract math – to avoid the 1950s uk cipher theory censors.

The genius is that is that the metric of a bigram (a given fano plane line’s notion of metrical-distance) can be a weight (log of frequency) . And logs can, in banburismus theory like, be in a base that is a function of the known ciphertexts weight distribution.

For Turing, his unexceptional group is that which can generate unexceptional ness …. or the metric of randomness that confounds cryptanalysis. Or, it can tune in to the Shannon measure of a given streams deviance from being unexceoptional.

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Urr no. The land army is loyal to parliament, unlike the royal navy, royal marines etc

If parliament decides to chop her head off (like a famous forebear), the army does not defend her.

Quite what the royal marines do is a bit ambiguous. Presumably they rescue her (with help of her majesty’s very own prison guards) and ship her off to the Falklands – where her dominions still lie.

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Countering uk anti china practices in global telco | Peter’s ruminations

The uk is deploying against China/ huawei the “your engineering process” has insufficient assurance that the process itself can mitigate long-term risks (to “process subversion” by pla)

So china, okay! Play the game back! To assist a major national vendor.

demand (via import licensing rules) that any uk vendor selling some dual use high tech part (a chip, a turbine, an ip design, a manufactured anything) must pass a china-audit-vendor-based security audit (using the international assurance testing criteria) – that inspects *their* (maybe global) process (suspected of against undisclosed staffing links to us govt military or intel agencies, for example)

The uk cant afford this trade barrier – and will duly alter us behavior…. The vendor cant afford it, either.

Why is it ok? Cos that is what the uk is doing to china vendors ( So u can do it back)!

Want some help?!

Start there, and then negotiate… govt to govt (acting for vendor and vendor)

Audits are a negotiation, when played in the right spirit. But you have to play the international audit game, to negotiate internationally. Otherwise you are just a wanton klutz spending billions on (uk!) technical consultants who will never let you meet the assurance bar (that will just keep moving)

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Turing’s simple mental model on countering differential cryptanalysis

We have to recall that Turing was a state-persecuted man, being outwardly gay in 1950s Britain. And that weighs on your mind, especially if you have have childlike prodigy-grade theory of weights in your mind for exploiting/countering differential cryptanalysis.

Pollack-like, turing knew that chaotic properties require that evenness appears even, at any scale.

Yes i wrote that right!

Now pollack generated his even evenness using a drunken pendulum swing throwing paint such that the pan-dimensional chaotic property is generated.

And there is the clue to doing the same with math for cipher designs, when “engineering” ciphers. Any algebraic-referable item has to be a potential generator. Groups with that property have the turing-only name of being unexceptional. In practice, they have to be engineered being non-algebraic ultimately.

Just think childlike: you are trying to prevent differential signaling (in any dimension or duality) so,… make any observable quantity a generator of a drunken swing (in the trace of the cipher path). Then be, acting des-like in feistel cycles, swinging several registers/pendulums in parallel, with lots of rounds, so you have traced just-a-hair–under (importantly) A critical-amount of the space jn which chaos will emerge.

Now go read the expander graph stuff again, to see why you must, des like, only use a certain key length and register-round number to produce – by a machine observing itself – your generator of generators

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piano lady is almost right

Mv and sv in Chopin are impulse indications, not loudness.

the main energy of the wave has to arrive a half after and fully after the meter pulse. It’s a indication how to modulate the attack of the hammer

See his training study on the topic, where the lh goes through each of the technique types, of which sv is just the fifth

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Venezuela crisis: Juan Guaidó’s chief of staff detained – BBC News

Intelligence agents have raided the house of the opposition leader’s chief of staff, legislators say.
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Look at more bbc propaganda!

Failure to register as a foreign agent? (Think trumps campaign chief).

How is his detention for investigation any different to how manafort was treated by us authorities?

How is the search warrant entry “damage” any different to the typical fbi search (its not)?

The only difference is bbc reporting bias, as propoganda arm of uk FO.

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Musick for a while

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Maduro and the turbine pulse cyber warfare

The best thing Maduro can do (not that i like him much) is publish in great detail the how this is being done

We know the Americans (nsa plus cia) can interfere with turbines (control plane programming) from a distance -due to exploiting pre planted capabilities, dine with the assistance of ge and siemens (and bnd).

But good observation should still show up the local actor, delivering the relevant pulse with specialized em equipment. (Its just possible that have it from small plane – or space laser by Now, though its unlikely that they would reveal such details to china/russia em folk, for small fry coups like Maduro )

The infiltration by locals acting as American proxy agents (quasi saboteurs) can be tracked By Classical intelligence methods

If you want it to stop, publish minute by minute coverage of how you handle it, with full technical reveal.

They will stop very fast…

this is very sensitive stuff to them.

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Not so subtle bbc bias

nothing biased there!

Is there?


Bbc = bias

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The ietf was riddled with american bias, not just that which naturally comes with pride, but that vicious nastiness aimed at winning=dominating by any and all means. Including outright subversion and systemic deceit.

You know the kind that has americans look the other way at 1950s von braun (ss officer, commander of jewish firced labor work camp, and of course indiscriminate terror bomber (though hardly the only one, to be fair)

Good Russia. Cut off the hand that feeds, i mean, binds you (dns joke)

Disclosure: i own lots of shares of vrsn…

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BBC bias

And Britain’s only space telescope never made it into space, never having got passed the drawing board (pub beer mat).

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Countering uk anti china practices in global telco

the countermeasure for china is to apply (the infamously exquisitely detailed) bureaucratic “sensitive technology” export controls to any and all goods to be shipped to the usa (not uk); Including the per line item statement that no component (or that component’s components and “ip component ware” etc) are sensitive.

The rules can be identical to those of the usa, especially as enforced in the 80s pre internet (ie ipu/itu managed) telco. Fairs fair, no?

The goal is to require the compliance depts of the big american “global” companies to declare each and every component that even may be deemed sensitive , if one were declaring to us customs and export control authorities

That includes the innocuous chip in such ad “talking Elmo” – which is not innocuous in the sense that it may contain uk or us ip (somewhere along the line).

China. Use your people power on tasks that require human intelligence. The uk/us cant afford to do this. Monitor all attempts to outsource it as they attempt to compete; use leverage to infer the bilateral compacts that underly such transference, since they reflect biased trade practices..

Make sure each declaration has to be unique and copyright (and the declaring firm cannot reuse any element (in us declarations, say)).

Require firms to prepare such declarations using (their) staff in China/HK/Taiwan using compartmentalized databases.

Do watermark all such digital data, so it can be traced as chinese ip at the fact level – as the uk/us turn to stealing it by spying and subversion (when they cant compete)

Build that semantic database and analze and infer the relationships and dependencies, …monitor how changing skus are used attempting to mask hidden dependencies, as they attempt to manipulate the supply chain…

Use intelligence techniques, that is, aimed at dissecting the global supply chain.m; and let it show you how its manipulated to bias trade.

You dont have to do anything other than collect data and organize it. At huge scale…

If you can get them to steal it, even better – for trade negotiations over the next 50 years: tit for tat.

Then you can negotiate better on a five eyes – china compact, on **cooperative** uses of spying, etc

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The real question is

If Russia hired the US-subservient Amazon to operate its government cloud (even in Russia data centers with patriot Russian staff) would it be riddled with (plugin) American spying mechanisms?

Of course it would (is).

When i was at verisign (the crypto startup, not the now even more sensitive dns company) it was quickly Riddled with patriotic American spying management “knowhow”

And no i dont mean the ex-nsa guys transparently trying to figure what early “public-private” cloud partnerships might be, in the early webby-internet days.

Come on! every last one of the 200 million 12 year olds getting educated in modern China in the next 10 years MUST learn the very nature Uk\us spying techniques – starting with how the vendor indoctrination program works (founded in I’m exceptional, but you 200 million aint, ever, ******)

The five eyes objection to Chinese companies selling telco equipment has nothing to do with it being laden with chinese spying. Its that there’s nothing to stop a sudden upgrade removing all the planted uk/us spying (or legal interceps) @upgrades@ – at a moments notice.

Obviously compacts between five eyes agencies and pla equivalents are not evolving well.

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bad American writing schools on Chopin

The following is a lovely example of wrong thinking (and bad writing). If a make an analogy, when computer folk say 1 + 1 = 0 they are obviously incorrect, since any 6 year old knows 1 + 1 = 2!

Context matters, dear reader. Comparing apples and oranges….

 The same could be said about her views on gaining control over rhythm and mastering intervallic relations. What one may find troubling about Whiteside’s work is some of the more radical comments she makes. For instance, she states in her book that ‘fingering in most cases is not a vital problem – certainly it is never a primary cause of frustration in achieving success with a passage. It is always the reaching for position with the fingers, and not the specific choice of fingers, which is the great destroyer of ease’.

Statements such as this go directly against Chopin’s statement that ‘everything is a matter of knowing good fingering’.

2018-10-14 11_00_15-Microsoft Edge

Whiteside is talking about ease. Choose a fingering that induces reaching, you will destroy ease. And Chopin’s statement says nothing to contradict that. Get the fingering right is what matters, he says (in the getting of ease, say I). The implication is that ease is managed by not reaching, which is a matter of fingering (and other matters to do with gestures)

The error in writing is lovely – being a product of the American way of tutoring essay writing. Pick an issue, and argue it well, they say. While that’s fine -though it would be nice if the issue was relevant and well formulated in the first place. So often its not. And one gets yet another interminable American writing of an academic  paper that looks good, sounds good and is good (for classroom grading); though typically is has nothing to say (or is saying something not worth reading). Its typically a space filler, much like American news is a time filler. Both satisfy the ego filler vacuum!



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MTO 18.4: Montague, Chopin’s Étude in A-Flat Major

MTO 18.4: Montague, Chopin’s Étude in A-Flat Major
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Bach – Teaching Prelude No. 4 in F Major, BWV 927 – The Golandsky Institute

The Golandsky Institute is the preeminent center for the Taubman Approach, a groundbreaking analysis of the mostly invisible motions that function underneath a virtuoso technique. The resulting knowledge makes it possible to help instrumentalists overcome technical limitations as well as cure playing-related injuries.
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Now I know why poles make natural (1930s) cryptographers

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Harmony in chopin

Harmony chopin book

Harmony in Chopin, Cambridge University Press, 2015. ProQuest Ebook Central,

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